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Some donators want to support all the participants... without choosing because they are all awesome. Some donators want to support the good cause without knowing anyone. So we created this anonymous page.

— Cycle for Hope

Help us go the extra mile for kids with cancer.
Childhood cancer treatment is long, invasive and tough.
Cure, of course, comes first. But alongside medications, exercise, nutrition, psychosocial support, sleep,... contribute to a better recovery.

Your gifts go to Run for Hope, a Belgian volunteer group, part of the King Baudouin Foundation, that aids children with cancer and their families. They raise funds to enhance the daily lives and well-being of these young patients during and after treatment. The organization also supports initiatives to assist parents and siblings throughout the treatment journey and beyond, especially during times of grief. Additionally, Run for Hope finances child development programs and acquires medical equipment for pain relief and treatment improvement, which isn’t covered by social security.

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Dare2Build  —  11 days ago
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Audrey  —  12 days ago

Votre travail est extraordinaire. Bravo à l équipe run for Hope pour tout ce que vous faite. Audrey vdb

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Jean-Marc  —  20 days ago
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The Kitchen Company NV  —  21 days ago

Bravo à vous Daphné et Jean 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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YAKA FACTORY  —  1 month ago

MIPIM SOLIDAIRE. SUPER FAN. Together let’s make good things happen .

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Xavier  —  1 month ago
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Michel  —  1 month ago
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Lifting Parachevement  —  1 month ago

Belle initiative Daphne!